In this business sector we design, manufacture and assemble complete machines as well as individual machines or spare parts made of stainless steel.

The machine and plant parts are prefabricated and professionally assembled by our qualified assemblers on site.

We find a solution for your project - Contact us and we prepare an individual offer for you.



The production includes:

  • Sedimentation tanks
  • Disc filters
  • Rotary valves
  • Fans
  • Components for drying
  • Scrubbers etc.

Our References:

Salt drying machine

Scope of delivery:

- Salt drying system complete made of 1.4462
- LxWxH: ~ 5.500 x 4.900 x 1900 mm
- Heat exchanger with tubes made of 1.4462
Categorie II
   max. allowable pressure: 6 bar
max. allowable temperature: 160°C
Fluid: saturated vapour
Wet scrubber: L= ~ 6.200 mm, Ø 1700 mm
- Air inlet and outlet piping
- Incl. TÜV handling
- Engineering (design engineering)
- Insulation 
- Assembly by the customer


Quenching machine

Scope of delivery:

- Quenching machine complete made of stainless steel 1.4571
   LxWxH: ~ 16.000 x 5.000 x 2.500 mm
- Inclusive 1.688 pieces brass nozzles and 75
   pieces spraying pipes

- Engineering (new construction of the machine based
   on 30-year-old drawings)
- Documentation (each spraying pipe was pressure
   tested individually)
- Preassembly in our premises
- Assembly by the customer

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