Heat recovery system
for biomass boiler 3.200 kW

Exhaust gases from a biomass boiler are dusted in an electrical precipitator and are supplied to a flue gas condensation system subsequently. Originally, the condensation consists of a condenser mode and of an air preheater mode. It has been installed an additional ECO-mode for better utilisation of exhaust gases.

Scope of delivery:

- ECO with  heat exchanger tubes made of 1.4539
- Heat capacity ECO 254 kW (w45, 70°C RL)
- Disassembly of all installation parts which are no longer needed
- Status analysis
- Engineering (process engineering, design engineering)
- Assembly
- Re-start-up in November 2011

Tube bundle heat exchanger CONDENSER

Dimensions: (LxWxH) about 6.200 x 1700 x 290 mm

Scope of delivery:

- ECO with heat exchanger tubes made of 1.4571
- Engineering (process engineering, construction)
- Actual measurements on site
- Documentation
- Delivery

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